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  • Acne
  • Scars
  • Moles
  • Remove redness
  • Hide skin damage
  • Smooth rough spots
  • Removing dark circles
  • Damage from acne & scarring
Give yourself the gift of confidence.
Stop feeling embarrassed.
Conceal it today!
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16 colors to choose from.
Shipped privately direct to your door.
Made rugged for men to last all day.


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Stop trying traditional methods!

Select a color to try, for your initial order.

Dab the stick on the affected area.

Blend in with the included applicator sponge.

Rock the world with confidence.

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Makeup for men
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How It Works

The Men Pen® is a men's concealer product designed to conceal specific areas like acne, moles, scars, dark circles, blemishes, or just rough spots! You'll love the self confidence you get from The Men Pen! This is the same makeup for men that male actors, models, and businessmen use in their everyday life. The Men Pen® comes in 16 colors so there's a match for you.

Need to look your best for a special event? No problem, we offer expedited shipping options so you can master your look for that next business meeting, prom, or big night on the town. Just dab it on, blend it, and the blemish disappears!

Scar face
before and after using mens makeup
After scar conceal
  • Hide Scars
  • Acne Concealing
  • Rough Skin
  • Mole coverage
  • Pigment damage
  • Redness concealing
  • Dark circles under eyes
Before and After Men's skin concealed! The product is made of a makeup foundation type compound that is lightly applied to the face on top of acne, razor burn, or other blemishes. The stick is a miniature tube a little longer than the length of chap stick but fatter with the same screw type container. Easily can be dropped into your pocket while at the bar or at work. The men's blemish concealer stick lasts on average 6-12 months!
makeup for men before and after
The images above are a dramatization of what The Men Pen can do.
The Men Pen does not heal, it is a concealer that can cover up these conditions.
  Men Pen color chart
Choose a color for your skin care
  • There are 16 shades of The Men Pen so you can get the perfect match.
  • Your skin tone usually will change up to 3 color numbers throughout the year depending on tanning and sun exposure.
  • Select with confidence, we offer a color match guarantee. If you would like to change your color, we will swap it for another color.

The Men Pen is meant to be used on your face for specific topical coverage. You should lightly dab the stick directly on the spot you would like concealed or smoothed. Zit, mole, rough pores, scar, bumps, etc. Once you dab the spot you will want to smooth the product so it blends properly with your skin. Included in your package is a foam wedge that you can use, otherwise your finger or tissue paper works great. You will blend till area looks completely smooth so no one will notice that you even have it on and your spot will be concealed! Unsure what color? Try our Color Match App...


mens face care testimonials

"THANKS! Your product covers up a shaving scar on my face that I've been trying to cover for 10 years, can't thank you guys enough! Andy Gilbert 01-05-12 (email submission)
"I would like to personally thank whom ever came up with this product. I'm a man and when I go out in public I still want to look like a man. I actually gave up looking for concealer's that would actually even out my skin tone yet still make me look like I was 18 again.. Finally, an affordable product that not only looks good on you but doesn't look like makeup when its on. Guys, especially men of color, if you want to look like a star without spending a fortune men pen is the way to go." Sincerely, Harold, North Hollywood (email submission)
"I use The Men Pen occasionally just to smooth out rough areas of my face. Primarily I use it for big meeting days at the office, and I use it every time I go out to the bar or club. men's makeup is worn by many high profile people nowadays." Brian Lewis, Detroit, MI
"The Men Pen has helped me conceal damages from an accident when I was young. Thank you so much for developing this product" Unnamed Customer (email submission)
"A few weeks ago I gave myself a really bad cut while shaving and didn't want to go around with a big red mark on my face. I ended up borrowing some makeup from this girl I know cause I didn't feel like going to a store and having a sales woman look at me like i'm crazy cause I wanted to buy concealer. This is definitely a blessing for a lot of guys." Keith 07-25-09 (email submission)
"For years I have been borrowing my girlfriend's makeup for touching up before I go out to the club. I am glad that I can now get a product made for Men. I love the product" Jose Miami Beach, FL

"Thank you guys. I have had a scar on my face since I was a kid from a childhood accident. I've always been self-concious about it. Finally I can simply hide it every morning like magic. John Kelly '09

"I never thought i would wear concealer for men, but this stuff is awesome, it works very well." James 01-08-2010 (submission on comments page)
"My boyfriend has terrible skin, since he started using TheMenPen, his complexion and his skin tones have dramatically cleared up. I am more attracted to him now. thanks to Men Pen!" Kendra '10
"I had a horrible scar on my cheek that i had tried to cover up for years, amongst other blemishes. I bought it and wow it has done wonders for me! I figure a little foundation cover up never far as the eye liners and mascaras, I'll save that for someone else!" jamesM 06-23-2010
"I am a Marine, and typically a 'tough guy' but I still get blemishes like everyone else. I stumbled upon The Men Pen and I use it frequently to hide a scar on my face that I've had for years. Thanks much!" Michael V 10-03-2011 (submission on comments page)
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Dean somers

Ryan Ross (actor) "I use The Men Pen before I get on camera. It's great for last minute touch-ups!"

Dustin Schuiling (motorcross racer) "Just wanted to say thanks! had a few razor bumps on my neck. Color matched perfect.

Dean Somers (actor) -"The Men Pen works great for little touch ups when going to the set or for auditions."

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We're so sure you will be completely satisfied with The Men Pen, that if you don't like it, we'll send you a full refund AND you can keep the stick or give it to a friend.

Satisfaction Guaranteed


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  • Sold Exclusively Online.
  • We ship directly to you worldwide
  • Non-commodegenic skin concealer (won't clog pores)
  • Money back guarantee
  • Swap colors until you're satisfied.
  • All cosmetic shipments have no sender name
  • NO RISK! Order Now...
Need to make a return or color exchange? It's easy!
  1. Mail back the stick you have by throwing it in a standard of padded envelope.
  2. Insert a note of the new color you would like and your return address.
  3. Address to The Men Pen 581 Ottawa Ave. suite 320 Holland, MI 49423.
  4. Drop it in a blue US postal service mail box. The envelope will require $2.07 in postage.
  5. When we receive the package we'll send you your replacement color you requested.
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